Ecotronix Corporation is recruiting talented people around the world.

The Right Spirits

Aims for cooperation and win-win relationships
Passion for challenges
Expertise and vision
Global senses

Information on Employment

Ecotronix Corporation is recruiting talented people who would together with the company lead the global business.


‧ Sales/Purchase/Planning position (Head office)
‧ Research position (Head office)
‧ Position on Production Management/Production Technology/Quality (Jincheon)
‧ New and experienced employees

Recruitment Period/Application requirements

‧ Recruitment Period: on a regular basis when needed
‧ Application requirements:
-- Prospective graduates or graduates
-- Those who have finished or are not required of military service and have no reasons for disqualifications regarding flying abroad

Recruiting Processes

The Ecotronix Corporation is recruiting talented people who would together with the company lead the global business.

Online Application

Please apply online according to the recruitment notice.

Examination of Documents

We review comprehensively the applicant's major, experiences, language skills, and basic personalities based on the job application forms submitted.


The interview is conducted by the working group/executives through which several interviewers would meet applicants one by one, checking thoroughly the knowledge on major and basic personalities.

Notice of Employment

The notice will be delivered through a phone call or an e-mail within 10 days from the interview and there would be an education on joining the company for 2 days.

Welfare Benefits

Support on Education

We support foreign language educations and external educations of all employees.

Support on Physical Training

We support the physical training of all employees.

Profit-Sharing Bonus

Employees would receive performance bonuses when the company gains profits.

Maternity/Paternity Leave

We offer maternity leave before giving birth in case of women, and paternity leave for men.


Employees are allowed a special day off apart from national holidays for major family events.

Rewards on Long Service

We offer awards on employees providing continuous service for long periods such as 5 years, 10 years, and 15 years.

Lunch/Snack Offers

We offer lunch (dinner), coffee, and snacks.